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                Mothers Day at Clement Park with local Neighbors. 

     Summer is just about here and you can see it all around the Littleton area, the parks and bike trails are becoming busier than normal, the leaves are coming at a outragous rate, and the crowds are getting heavier at Clement Park.  During last weekend on Mothers Day, Clement park probable hosted thousands of people for the wonderous event.  People all around were celebrating their mothers, but many took advantage of the wonderful weather too.  Their were lots of people walking around the lake at clement park, many folks were out playing fun activities with their children, flying kites, games, and the jungle gym area in the park.  The day went on and on with the shelters giving way to people going after their celebration and the next round of people coming to set up and celebrate for their mothers.  Littleton is known nation wide for the incident at Chatfield High School, but as the years go on an on, Clemet Park is getting the recognition that it deserves. 

       West Gold Meadows and Opening Day for the Neighborhood Pool

     Just down the street to the north in West Gold Meadows, this weekend was the opening day for the neighborhood pool and what a turn out it was.  From 8:30 on, the word was out for all to come and relax and cool off and enjoy the warmful sunlight.  The neighborhood pool in open from now on until a week past Labor day, Enjoy!!  It is the start of the fun for the folks that live in the wonderful neighborhood of West Gold Meadows, within the coming weeks, the annual garage sales will be going on.  What a wonderful time in Littleton and the neighborhood of West Gold Meadows.